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Bathsheba appeals to David

1 Kings 1:15-21

Bathsheba went at once to see David. She saw that she must appeal to him, both for her own life, and for the life of their son Solomon. David was weak and ill, but Israel’s people still respected him. Therefore, although Adonijah was trying to become king, David still had the authority to deal with this matter.

First, Bathsheba showed by her actions how much she respected David. She respected him both as her husband, and as Israel’s true king. Then she spoke about the matter to David. As Nathan had advised her, she first reminded David about his promise. David had promised that Solomon would become king after him.

Then, she told David what Adonijah had done. That day, Adonijah had made himself king. As Bathsheba spoke, Adonijah was enjoying a great meal with his important guests. Those guests included Abiathar, one of Israel’s two chief priests, and Joab, the commander of the army. David’s other sons were also there – but Adonijah did not invite Solomon (1:10), because he considered Solomon to be his enemy. That was clear evidence of the fact that Adonijah wanted to kill both Solomon and Bathsheba.

Bathsheba also told David what he needed to do, in order to save their lives. David must declare clearly, and in public, which of his sons would be king after him. The only way to stop Adonijah was for David to support Solomon. When David did that, he would be carrying out his promise about Solomon. David would make Solomon, his son, king.

Next part: Nathan urges David to act at once (1 Kings 1:22-27)


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