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David arranges for Solomon to become king at once

1 Kings 1:32-35

Now that David had made his decision, he acted immediately. He made the arrangements for his son Solomon to become king at once. David himself ruled only over the region called Judah before he became king of northern Israel too (2 Samuel 5:4-5). Solomon, however, would rule both Israel and Judah as king.

David gave the responsibility for the ceremony to Zadok, Nathan and Benaiah. Zadok was one of Israel’s two chief priests at this time; soon he would become the only chief priest (2:26-27). Nathan was the prophet (holy man) on whose advice David was appointing Solomon king. It was very important to David that these two men carried out the ceremony. It was a sacred act to appoint Israel’s king.

Benaiah was the leader of David’s guards; Solomon would soon appoint him to lead the whole army (2:35). He probably made the practical arrangements for the ceremony.

David directed that the ceremony should happen at Gihon, a spring (source of water) near Jerusalem’s city wall. There, the people from Jerusalem could gather to see the ceremony. Solomon would ride there on David’s own mule, a strong animal like a horse. Then Zadok and Nathan would together anoint him - in other words, they poured oil on him. This was the actual ceremony to appoint him king (1 Samuel 10:1 and 16:13). Then they would sound a trumpet, the loudest musical instrument. All the people would shout with great joy, as a welcome to their new king.

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