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David’s final instructions to Solomon

1 Kings 2:1-3

David lived for some time after he made Solomon king – perhaps for several months. During that time, David helped Solomon to prepare for the construction of the temple, the great house of God in Jerusalem. David’s health improved enough for him to gather all Israel’s officials together for the event in 1 Chronicles chapters 28 and 29. He even was able to stand to give his speech on that occasion (1 Chronicles 28:2). He also organised a magnificent ceremony to appoint Solomon king a second time (1 Chronicles 29:21-22)

However, David knew that he would soon die. During his final illness, he called Solomon to give him these last instructions. David wanted to impress on Solomon’s mind the importance of these matters.

Soon, Solomon would no longer have the benefit of his father’s advice. So, he must learn to allow the Bible, God’s word, to direct him. The part of the Bible that Solomon had, is called the TORAH in the Hebrew language. The TORAH means the laws that God gave to Moses, to teach Israel’s people. It is the first five Books of our Bible, from Genesis to Deuteronomy.

To use these books properly, David urged Solomon to be bold and to have courage. Solomon had a great work to do as Israel’s king, in order to direct the nation well and to serve God. So, Solomon must not try to please other people or to impress important, powerful and rich people. He must please God alone; Solomon must keep God’s word, his laws and his commands constantly in his (Solomon’s) mind. He and the nation could only be truly successful if they obeyed God’s law (Deuteronomy chapter 28).

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