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A description in detail of the ten stands

1 Kings 7:30-36

The Bible describes in detail the stands, or carts, that supplied water for the priests to use. This description is rather difficult, but let us try to understand it. At the bottom of each stand were four large wheels. These wheels turned on axles, metal rods or poles that reached across the width of each stand. That arrangement probably means that the stands moved forward and back in one direction only. They did not go far. Probably, they remained at all times in the court (yard) of the priests, outside the temple building (the house of God).

From the axles, a system of metal poles reached upwards to the supports that held the weight of the basin. They provided a strong structure for the stands. Between them, there was space for a box which 1 Kings 7:31 describes. We do not know the purpose of this box. Perhaps it contained some objects for the priests to use.

The panels, or sides, of the stands seem not to support any part of the structure. Rather, they provided a place for the designs of Hiram, the artist who made them. In addition to the designs that we mentioned in our last article, there were pictures of palm trees (7:36). These pictures were inside the temple, too (6:29-35). In Psalm 92:12, the palm tree is a word-picture for a truly good person.

Finally, the basin that actually contained the water was on top of each of the stands.

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