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Jonathan tells Adonijah that Solomon is king

1 Kings 1:42-43

Abiathar the chief priest supported Adonijah when he (Adonijah) tried to become king. However, for some reason Abiathar’s son, Jonathan, did not join Abiathar at the ceremony. Instead, Jonathan remained in Jerusalem.

This was the same Jonathan who, with Ahimaaz, took the message in 2 Samuel 17:17-22. The purpose of that message was to save David’s life. Jonathan risked his life to save David on that occasion. Perhaps then Jonathan was grateful for how David protected the life of his father Abiathar in 1 Samuel 22:20-23.

However, now Abiathar was supporting Adonijah’s revolution against David and against Solomon. That was a very serious crime: Solomon said that the proper punishment for it was death (2:26). It seems very likely that Abiathar carried out the actual ceremonies to appoint Adonijah king. He did that although David was still king. God had not chosen Adonijah; and David had not agreed for Adonijah to become king.

Like Joab in 2 Samuel 18:20, Adonijah believed that a good man should bring good news. It was a foolish statement. Adonijah was so happy on his special occasion that he seemed unaware of dangers. Jonathan replied firmly and clearly: David and not Adonijah was the king whom all Israel’s people should respect as their lord or master. He, David, alone had the authority to choose which of his sons should become king after him. That same day, he had chosen Solomon and not Adonijah to rule Israel. Already, Zadok and Nathan had appointed Solomon to be the new king.

Next part: Jonathan describes how Solomon has become king (1 Kings 1:44-48)


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