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Jonathan describes how Solomon has become king

1 Kings 1:44-48

Adonijah and his guests were close enough to Jerusalem to hear the noise from the city. There was much noise in the city; people were joyful because David had appointed Solomon king. However, until Jonathan came, Adonijah’s guests did not know that. They probably believed that Jerusalem’s inhabitants had heard the news about Adonijah. In their opinion, everyone would be joyful to know that Adonijah was their new king.

So, Jonathan explained carefully what had happened in Jerusalem. All these things had happened while Adonijah’s guests were eating their meal together. Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet (holy man) had appointed Solomon king, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem were witnesses. The soldiers called Kerethites and Pelethites, who guarded David and the royal palace, were supporting Solomon. They were probably the strongest and most powerful groups of men in Israel’s army. Solomon had taken his place on David’s throne, or royal seat - that act showed that he now had complete authority over Israel’s laws and government.

The king’s servants - in other words, the important men in the palace and in the government - had gladly accepted Solomon’s rule. They gathered by David’s bed, because David was too weak to leave it. There, they prayed for and blessed Solomon. Solomon’s rule would be even greater than David’s rule, they declared. In reply, David praised God. It was truly wonderful that God had carried out his promise to make David’s son, king over Israel (2 Samuel 7:12-14). It was even more wonderful that God permitted David to see it.

Probably David wrote Psalm 72 to express his joy on this very special occasion.

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