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Nathan warns Bathsheba

1 Kings 1:11-14

Nathan was a prophet, a holy man who received messages from God. In one of those messages, God showed Nathan that he had a very special and important plan for Solomon’s life (2 Samuel 12:24-25). That caused David to promise Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother, that Solomon would become king after him (1:13). David was preparing Solomon for the special work that he would do as Israel’s king (1 Chronicles 22:5-19).

Nathan had heard the news that Adonijah, and not Solomon, had become king. That news caused him to go at once to Bathsheba. He warned her that her life, and Solomon’s life, were in danger. Adonijah would not want anyone to remain alive who might oppose his rule. Although Solomon was his brother, Adonijah would not hesitate to kill him. So, Nathan urged Bathsheba to go to David immediately. David was weak and ill – but a matter of this importance needed his urgent attention. David alone had the right to choose which of his sons should become king. Adonijah had acted without David’s authority – David did not even know that Adonijah was claiming to be king.

Nathan carefully told Bathsheba what she should say. She must remind David of the promise that he made to her about Solomon. That would cause David to remember the reason for that promise. David made that promise because of the promises that God had given to him about the future of his family (2 Samuel 7:12-16). So, promises were extremely important to David. While David remained alive, he must do everything possible to carry out his promise.

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