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Abigail urges David not to attack Nabal

1 Samuel 25:23-27

Nabal had offended David greatly. Now David and his men were coming to attack Nabal at his home. David had even made a serious promise to kill every man who worked for Nabal. That was a foolish promise. However, nobody tried to stop David until Abigail, Nabalís wife, came.

Abigail acted in a very humble manner as she gave honour to David. Then she spoke to David and she urged him not to carry out his attack.

Abigail did not pretend that David had not suffered. She knew that he was right to be angry. Her husband had behaved in a wrong and evil manner. However, she did not first blame her husband. She blamed herself. Like David in 1 Samuel 22:22, she accepted responsibility for an evil deed that someone else had carried out. She did it to save the lives of the men who worked for Nabal. In this matter, they were innocent. Nabal, of course, was not innocent. Abigail reminded David that in their language (called Hebrew), the word NABAL means a wicked fool. That was how Nabal had behaved. He had behaved wickedly, and he had done it on purpose.

Abigail then explained to David why she had come to meet him. She had not merely come on her own authority. God himself was using Abigail to save David from the responsibility for an evil deed. Saul, like many cruel men, often attacked people simply because he was angry with them. However, David was a man who served God loyally; he should not behave like that. If David attacked Nabal, many innocent men would die too. They were the men who worked for Nabal.

So Abigail urged David to accept the gift that she had brought for his men. Also, she prayed that God would act against all Davidís enemies, including Nabal. It was right that God, and not David, should punish them.

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