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Godís judgements against his proud enemies

1 Samuel 2:3

The way that God saves his people is perfect (2:1). His holy nature is perfect (2:2). His judgements against his proud enemies are perfect (2:3). Because God is holy, he saves his people from the proud plans of their wicked enemies (2:1-3).

These proud enemies prepare to fight against Godís servants. They speak proudly because they are confident of success (Psalm 2:1-3). They even dare to insult God himself.

However, their words are in vain, because God is on the side of his people (Daniel 7:20-22). He will fight for them, and nobody can defeat God (Psalm 2:4-6).

God has perfect knowledge; he knows everything. He is aware of how those proud enemies have insulted his people. He knows about their evil plans even before they begin to carry them out (2 Kings 6:8-12).

By the power of the Holy Spirit, Hannah declares Godís judgement against his enemies. God knows what they are saying; and he is their judge.

People weigh an object to test whether it is the proper weight. In the same manner, God weighs (or examines) deeds. He makes sure that they are right and proper. This could refer to peopleís deeds; if so, the meaning is that God is our judge. However, the phrase seems to refer to Godís deeds; in other words, the acts that God carries out. So, the meaning is that all Godís acts - especially his judgements - are right and proper.

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