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Jonathan persuades Saul

1 Samuel 19:4-6

Jonathan was speaking to his father, King Saul, in order to save the life of his friend, David. Saul had already ordered his officials to kill David.

Saul had become both jealous and afraid of David. David was leading Israelís army with great success, and God was supporting him. Saul, on the other hand, had ruined his relationship with God. God had told him by Samuel that he (God) was appointing a better king over Israel (15:28). So Saul was afraid that David would take Saulís authority as king away from him (18:8).

Jonathan tried to deal with Saulís fears in a sensible manner. David was not Saulís enemy; he was completely loyal to Saul. David had never opposed Saul. Davidís efforts and his skill as an army commander had benefited Saul very much. David fought well against Saulís enemies, and he was a popular leader (18:13-16),

Also, Jonathan reminded Saul that David had good and proper attitudes. David did not have any great ambitions for himself; he even risked his own life in the fight against Goliath. It benefited Saul that God was helping David. Saul appreciated that immediately after Goliathís death; the situation had not changed now.

Jonathanís words were powerful, and they persuaded Saul. Saul recognised that David was innocent; he promised not to kill David. David returned to his former duties, and he worked closely with Saul again.

Unfortunately, this arrangement could not last. Saul had not changed his attitudes; he continued to allow bitter, evil and jealous thoughts to control his mind. He did not try to mend his broken relationship with God. Soon, Saul would begin to act in an even more wicked manner.

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