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The last period when David worked for Saul

1 Samuel 19:7-8

Jonathan believed that he had persuaded his father (King Saul) not to kill David. Saul had even made a serious promise in front of God that he would not order Davidís death.

So Jonathan called David and he told David about Saulís promise. The result was that David returned to his former work for Saul. This was the last period when David was working for Saul.

For several months, or perhaps even a year or two, this arrangement seemed successful. During most of this time, David worked closely with Saul. David carried Saulís military equipment (16:21). David was ready to protect Saul if anyone tried to attack Saul. David even played sacred music for Saul in order to comfort him (16:23).

David also carried out his work as a military commander again during this time (see 1 Samuel 18:13). He had great success in a battle against Philistiaís army.

During those months, Saul gave the impression that he had changed completely his attitudes towards David. David even sat near Saul at important meals (20:24-27). That was a great honour.

However, Saul had not really dealt with the jealous and angry feelings that he felt towards David. The reality was that Saul was merely controlling his emotions. When, after several months, those feelings became out of control, Saul would act in a terrible manner. He would behave in a worse manner then than he had ever done before.

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