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Nabalís servant appeals to Abigail

1 Samuel 25:14-17

This servant was one of the men who looked after Nabalís sheep. He had heard how Nabal had insulted David. He also knew how well Davidís men had worked to guard Nabalís animals.

The servant saw that Nabal and his workers were in great danger. Perhaps Nabal had previously refused to pay a group of guards, and his workers were able to defend him. That could not happen on this occasion, however. Davidís men were much more capable than the men who usually worked as guards in that region. They included many of the best soldiers in Israel, and David himself was a skilled army commander.

However, the servant did not appeal to Abigail, Nabalís wife, just because of the strength of Davidís men. He asked her to help because Davidís men deserved to receive payment for their work as guards. They were not cruel to the men who were looking after the animals. They did not steal any of the animals for themselves, as other guards often did. They were active both by day and by night, and they did their work well. It was clearly right that they should receive a good payment.

The servant spoke to Abigail because he could not speak to Nabal. That is, Nabal would refuse to listen to him. Perhaps several of Nabalís servants had already urged him to pay Davidís men without success. Nabal was a wicked and proud man. He cared only about his own opinions. He would not listen to anyoneís advice - especially not to advice from someone who was just his servant.

Nabal was cruel and greedy, but Abigail was sensible and intelligent. It did not offend her that a servant had asked her to act; she was grateful for the information. She saw that she must immediately send a generous gift for David and his men.

As she prepared that gift, David was already preparing to attack.

Next part: Abigail goes to meet David (1 Samuel 25:18-22)


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