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Saul would prophesy at Gibeah

1 Samuel 10:6

Samuel continued to explain what would happen to Saul at Gibeah.

Until now, Saul only knew about God from the experiences of other people. However, now God would give to Saul a personal experience. Saul would know the power of God in his own life.

This is what would happen. Saul would meet a group of prophets (holy men). Godís Holy Spirit would be upon them, so that they were prophesying. Then, the Spirit of God would come upon Saul too, and he would prophesy.

This would be a great change in Saulís life. It seems that, until that time, Saul did not care much about religion. It would astonish Saulís friends and family to see that even Saul was prophesying (10:11).

Although Saul did not continue to prophesy, this event was necessary to prepare him for his future work.

In English, the word Ďprophesyí usually means Ďto speak about future eventsí. In the Bible however, the word often seems to have a simpler meaning. It means Ďto declare words that come from Godís Holy Spirití.

Those words may be about future events. However, often they are words to praise God and to declare his greatness. Such words may express how God is working in the world generally or in a particular situation.

It seems that Saul would be doing that here. He would declare words to praise God. Those words would not come from Saulís own mind. They were words that the Holy Spirit would place into Saulís own spirit.

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