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Church leaders should behave in a humble manner

2 Corinthians 4:5

It is wrong for church leaders to care about their own importance. Paul had very strong opinions about this matter. He considered himself to be only a servant of God; he was teaching people to accept God as their Lord, that is, their master. Paul did not want people to believe him, but to believe Christ*. Paul spoke about his own weakness; but he spoke about the power of Christ*.

Some of the men who taught in the church at Corinth had very different ideas*. They were trying to establish their own authority*. So, they tried to prove that they were important people, with great knowledge. They wanted everyone to respect them.

Even Christ did not behave in that manner. Although he is the Lord of heaven and earth, he came to this world in a humble manner*. He declared Godís message to poor people; he showed Godís love for weak and ill people*. He died so that evil people could receive a right relationship with God*.

Christ taught his disciples (special students) that they too should behave in a humble manner. They should serve other people, as he did*.

That was how Paul chose to behave at Corinth*. He tried to help slaves, weak people and people from every nation as he brought Godís message to them. Paul really was a great man; but many people considered him foolish to behave like that. Paul could have used his many skills to make himself wealthy and important. Instead, he chose to live in a humble manner and to serve God.

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