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I believed, therefore I spoke.

2 Corinthians 4:13

I believed, therefore I spoke. Those words come from Psalm 116:10. There are different opinions about what the author of that Psalm meant by those words. However, it is clear that Paul considered his experience similar to the author of Psalm 116. Both of them had been in such great danger that death seemed certain. In those circumstances, they were unable to help themselves, and they did not trust in any person. Instead their belief and trust was in God; and God acted powerfully to rescue them.

People believe with their hearts*, that is, with their minds and spirits. Their words are the result of what is happening in their hearts*. Christ is present in the hearts of his people*. They speak with the faith (active belief and trust in God) that God has placed in their hearts.

Of course, people do not always speak what they believe. They speak lies, or they try to confuse people about the truth. The author of Psalm 116 considered that to be part of the nature of people*. He had to choose to act in a different manner. He believed, therefore he spoke.

Paul too had made that choice*. Many leaders and teachers in the churches were not acting in a sincere manner*. They probably thought that, by that means, their lives would be more comfortable. They tried to please people with their words*.

As Gods servant, Paul did not consider that he had the right to choose his own words. He spoke the message that God had given him*. He spoke the words of faith that God, by his Holy Spirit, had placed in his (Pauls) heart. So, even in the greatest danger, Paul was speaking what he believed. His faith was in God, and God rescued him*.

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