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Paul had urged Titus to go to Corinth

2 Corinthians 7:13-14

Paulís description of Titus* probably means that Titus became a Christian because of Paulís work. That would have happened during the journey that Paul took with Barnabas, in Acts chapters 13 and 14. Many people became Christians then, and they established new churches in many towns.

Titus, however, remained with Paul. Paul took him to Jerusalem, where there was a special meeting of the apostles (the first Christian leaders) - Galatians 2:1. At that meeting, the apostles wrote a letter to the Christians in the new churches*. Perhaps Titus took back one copy of that letter to his own town, and later became a church leader there. There is no further reference to him for several years, until Paul went to Ephesus.

Ephesus could have been as near as 200 miles (320 kilometres) from Titusí own town. Perhaps Titus heard about the success of Paulís work there*, and he wanted to help.

It was there, in Ephesus, that Paul told Titus about the church in Corinth. Paul considered it one of the best churches that he had established. God was working powerfully by his Holy Spirit in Corinth. Corinthís church had extremely serious problems, but Paul had complete confidence in the Christians there*. He was sure that they would deal with all their problems properly.

Titus wanted to believe Paulís report. However, it seemed difficult to believe that such a successful church could have such serious problems. So Paul encouraged Titus to go to Corinth. Titus would be able to see the church for himself. More importantly, Titus had the skills to help Corinthís Christians to deal with their problems.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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