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Titus was eager to help Corinthís Christians

2 Corinthians 8:16-17

Probably Titus took this letter, which we call the Book of 2 Corinthians, to Corinth. Just a few weeks before, Titus had gone there for the first time. It seems that Paul sent him there to deal with the problems in the church. Titus dealt with those problems, and then he went to see Paul briefly.

Paul encouraged Titus to return to Corinth, in order to finish his (Titusís) work there (verse 6). He found that Titus was already eager to go back there. Perhaps Paul even had to delay Titus so that he (Paul) could write his letter.

Paul praised God for Titusís eager attitudes. Perhaps Titusís attitudes reminded Paul of the very eager attitudes that the church in Corinth also showed (verse 7). Paul could see that God had brought them together. Paul, and then Apollos, had been the first leaders of that church*. Then, for a few years, the church seemed to be without any clear leader. Now God had sent to them Titus, who was well able to help them with their difficulties. They had accepted him and he was eager to work with them.

Only a few weeks after Paul sent this letter, he himself came to Corinth*. He remained in that region for 3 months*. We do not know what happened to Titus then. However, he was not among the men who left there with Paul to travel to Jerusalem*. So perhaps Paul left Titus in Corinth, to continue to lead the church there. That was what Paul later did in Crete*. In Crete, as in Corinth, the church had many difficulties that Titus had to deal with, with Godís help.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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