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Why even our thoughts can offend God

2 Corinthians 10:5

Perhaps we have wondered why proud attitudes offend God so much*. Our attitudes are just thoughts, we say. God is great and powerful; nothing that we think can upset his rule*.

Here Paul provides an explanation. Of course the proud thoughts of people cannot upset Godís rule in heaven. Of course peopleís evil thoughts and wicked plans will not be able to prevent his rule over the earth (Psalm 2). However, the wrong thoughts of people can and do prevent Godís rule over their lives. In other words, they refuse to obey God. Their own weak thoughts matter more to them than the words of God, who is their maker. That is a very proud way to behave: to care about your own thoughts more than Godís opinion. It is astonishing that anyone ever behaves in such a manner*. However, we know that we are all sometimes guilty of this wrong behaviour.

Now, perhaps, we see that many of our other thoughts offend God, too. Even fear, doubt or the desire for happiness can rob God of his proper place in our lives. Even the love of money or a desire to impress people can prevent Godís rule over our lives. For these and many other reasons, people refuse to obey God - and that is always a very wrong thing to do.

The only answer is that we must accept Christ into his proper place, as a ruler of our lives. We must replace our proud attitudes with humble attitudes. A humble attitude means the attitude of someone who has chosen to obey God with a willing heart*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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