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Araunah gives great honour to David

2 Samuel 24:19-21

Araunah and his four sons had also seen the angel of the Lord, God’s special servant (1 Chronicles 21:20). The four sons were so afraid that they hid themselves. However, Araunah did not hide. He seemed to believe that he should give great honour to a special guest, especially to a servant of God.

In the past, a great king called Melchizedek ruled that region. He served the true God as a priest. He gave great honour to Abraham and he even blessed Abraham (Genesis 14:18-20). In the same way, Araunah gave great honour to David. As Israel’s king, David was God’s servant on earth (7:19-21), even as this angel was God’s servant from heaven.

Araunah showed great honour to David by his actions, when he bent his body down to the ground in front of David. In Araunah’s opinion, however, David had already shown great honour to him (to Araunah). Araunah considered it an honour that such a great and holy man as David should visit him. With great respect, Araunah asked the reason for David’s visit.

David explained that he desperately needed Araunah’s help. A terrible disease was spreading across the country, and many people had died. God had told David to build an altar (place for sacrifices) on Araunah’s land and to offer sacrifices (animals as gifts to God) there. When David did that, the illness would end.

Araunah may have already known these things. When the angel of the Lord came to Araunah’s land, he (the angel) spoke to the prophet (holy man) Gad about these matters (1 Chronicles 21:18).

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