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David and Bathsheba’s son will die

2 Samuel 12:14

The evil deeds of God’s people bring shame upon God’s holy name (Romans 2:24). David’s wrong deeds had caused God’s enemies to become bolder in the terrible things that they said against God. So the son who was born from David’s wrong relationship with Bathsheba would die. That would show clearly that God is holy: he is perfect and his standards are perfect.

We may ask how David’s wrong deeds brought shame on God’s name. Those evil deeds were secret; the enemies knew nothing about them. Perhaps this is the explanation. David had sent Israel’s army, which he called God’s army (1 Samuel 17:26), into a foolish attack against Ammon’s army (11:14-24). He did it to kill Uriah, but several of Israel’s men died. That cruel enemy had an opportunity to laugh at the army that God had sent against them. The reason was David’s foolish and evil behaviour.

It is very sad that David’s child had to die because of David’s wrong actions. God showed clearly that David had not benefitted from his evil acts. Perhaps Ammon’s army would hear about the child’s death. If God’s judgment was so severe against a holy man like David, then clearly they would not escape.

God had forgiven David’s evil deeds (12:13). However, David still had to deal with the results of those evil deeds. This, therefore, was not God’s punishment. It was simply a result of what David had done.

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