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David confesses his evil deeds

2 Samuel 12:13

For almost a year, David had been struggling to keep his evil deeds secret. He had formerly known such a close, loving relationship with God. However, for that year, in his mind and in the attitudes of his heart, David was far from God. He was living as someone who hated God’s command; he had ruined his relationship with God.

It took just a moment for David to confess his evil behaviour to God, and for God to forgive him. David had seen that he was guilty. He offered no excuses for his wrong behaviour, because there was no proper excuse for it. God had declared the truth about David’s wrong actions. David only needed to agree with what God had said. David saw that his wrong deeds were against God. God had given his commands (Exodus 20:1-17), and David had not obeyed.

David would later pray the much longer prayer about this matter in Psalm 51. There, he explains what his simple words to Nathan meant. David understood how guilty he was. He knew that only God could forgive him. He had chosen not only to confess his evil deeds, but also to turn from them completely.

The proper punishment for murder was death. David was guilty of this crime, but God forgave him. This was possible because of the great mercy (kindness) of God (Romans 4:6-8). David placed his trust in God; and God’s gift to him was to give back to him a right relationship with God.

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