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David decides to escape from Jerusalem

2 Samuel 15:14

David had an awful decision to make. If he remained in Jerusalem, he must fight for it, against his son Absalom. It would be a terrible battle, and many people on both sides would die. However, if David left Jerusalem, then Absalom would become even stronger. David could only escape into the country areas, where he would be in an extremely weak situation. He could not expect ever to return to Jerusalem; in fact, it seemed unlikely that he would remain alive.

David chose to leave Jerusalem. He cared so much for its people that his own life hardly seemed to matter to him (15:20). He was unwilling for so many people to suffer and die to defend him. It seemed better and wiser to hand the city over to Absalom, and to trust God about the future.

David had been in a similar situation on a previous occasion. When he was a military commander, King Saul became jealous of him. Saul tried to kill David; David had to escape for his life (1 Samuel chapter 20).

At that time too, David did not know where he could be safe. However, he knew God’s promises to him, and he depended upon God to act powerfully on his behalf (1 Samuel 22:3). He trusted God to deal with his enemies, and to rescue him (1 Samuel chapter 26).

So when Absalom opposed David, David acted in the same manner (Psalm 3). David did not try to attack Absalom. Instead, David put his trust in God.

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