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David sends Tamar to Amnon

2 Samuel 13:7

David believed that his son, Amnon, had spoken the truth. It is not easy for a proud young man to speak to his father about his weakness. Especially, it is difficult for that young man to request the help of a sister who is weaker than him (13:14).

In addition, Amnon had dealt with this matter properly. He did not try to send a secret message to invite his sister Tamar to his house. Instead, he made his request to his father, who had authority over them both.

David knew that Tamar was a respectful and loving person. She would obey David’s instruction that she should nurse Amnon during his illness. She would also do it carefully and well; she would show a sister’s love to Amnon.

David did not think that there was any danger for Tamar in Amnon’s house. (It seems that there were several houses inside the walls of David’s palace. Perhaps that palace was like a castle, with high walls for defence that surrounded several buildings.) Amnon was the king’s son, whom everyone expected to become the next king. There were always several people in his home (13:9). They included his personal servant (13:17), perhaps a guard, a maid and some boys who did physical tasks.

So, David sent his message to Tamar that she should go to help her brother Amnon. In David’s opinion, she was the right person to look after him during his illness.

Next part: Tamar prepares food, to nurse Amnon (2 Samuel 13:8-9)


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