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Tamar prepares food, to nurse Amnon

2 Samuel 13:8-9

Probably, Tamar had noticed that Amnon was giving her a great deal of attention. However, she had no reason to think that he was doing that for a wrong reason. She had always learnt to respect Amnon deeply. He was her older brother, who would one day be her king.

Tamar was a young unmarried woman, who hoped to marry soon. She expected that her future husband would be one of Amnon’s friends. Of course her father, King David, would discuss the choice of a husband for her with Amnon. So, it would please Tamar if Amnon considered her beautiful.

However now Amnon seemed very ill, and he wanted Tamar to look after him. She probably considered it an honour that he desired her help. She carried out her tasks with great care, and love.

Usually a servant would carry out such tasks. Tamar chose not even to ask a maid to help her. She wanted to do everything herself to assist her brother in his illness. If a sister’s love could cure him, she truly wanted to show that love.

Even when she had prepared the food with such care, he still could not eat it. He must have seemed very weak. He wanted her to feed him by hand. It even upset him that other people were in the house. He sent them away. Tamar - and Tamar alone - could help him now, he said.

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