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God promises to make David’s name great

2 Samuel 7:8-9

Nathan was wrong when he encouraged David to build the temple, God’s house in Jerusalem (7:3). However, Nathan was right about one important fact. He had told David that God was with him. In other words, God was supporting David; and God approved of him.

That was how David became Israel’s king. When God chose him to rule Israel, David was just a youth. Nobody then considered him important, not even in his own family (1 Samuel 16:1-13 and 17:28). His work was to look after sheep. So, it was God who appointed David to look after the people in God’s special nation, Israel.

David did not receive that honour because he himself had any greatness. He did not deserve the wonderful things that God did for him (7:18). Rather, when God makes unimportant people great, that brings honour to God (Psalm 113:7-8; Luke 1:52).

That is especially true when such a person, like David, gladly chooses to use his power for God. Both in his words, and in his actions, such a leader constantly gives honour to God.

David had many troubles before he became king. It was God who brought him safely through all those troubles. He had many enemies too. It was God who defeated those enemies: David did not achieve his many successes by his own military strength (Psalm 20:6-8). David would of course have many troubles in the future too, but God was still working powerfully in his life. God promised to make David’s name truly famous. The result of that would be that even greater honour would go to God (Matthew 1:1).

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