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How God’s people can do extraordinary things

2 Samuel 22:31-32

David has just declared that, with God’s help, God’s people do extraordinary things. They achieve much more than they even thought to be possible (verse 30). He now explains how this can happen.

It is because they depend on God’s word – in particular, his promises. They do not serve a false god whom they cannot trust. Rather, they serve the one true God. He is perfect in all that he does.

If God changed his opinions, then his people could not trust his promises (see James 1:17). At times of danger, they simply could not know whether he would protect them, or not. Soldiers needed shields, strong firm boards, to protect their bodies during a battle. If a shield was not strong and firm enough, it would protect nobody. In the same way, God’s people depend on God because of his perfect character. He is perfect, and therefore his promises are certain.

Other nations, especially Israel’s proud enemies, claimed to have gods that supported them in battle. However, their gods were not like Israel’s God. Their gods were not perfect in character: they did not rescue poor and weak people from their powerful enemies. In fact, those religions supported cruel and evil people who wanted to control the lives of weaker people.

Israel’s God, who created both heaven and earth, is the only true God. Therefore, he alone gives strength and safety to his people. Previously, David described God as a rock (22:2-3). Now he called God the only true rock – in other words, God alone provides safety and security to his people. Their trust should be in him alone (Psalm 62).

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