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Mephibosheth’s deep care for David

2 Samuel 19:24-25

Mephibosheth was the son of David’s friend Jonathan, who was King Saul’s first son. Chapter 9 records how David showed great kindness to Mephibosheth, because of his (David’s) friendship with Jonathan. David gave great honour to Mephibosheth, and he also handed over Saul’s property to Mephibosheth. David appointed Ziba as the manager of that property.

It surprised David very much, therefore, when Mephibosheth did not leave Jerusalem with him. He had expected that Mephibosheth would want to remain with him as a true friend. However Ziba, the manager of Mephibosheth’s property, did come to David. He used that property to assist David and the people with him. Ziba explained that Mephibosheth had not been loyal to David. Mephibosheth was trying to use the situation to make himself king, Ziba said (16:1-4).

However, Ziba’s report about Mephibosheth was untrue. That fact would have been clear to David as soon as he saw Mephibosheth. During the whole time that David was away, Mephibosheth had been deeply sad because of David’s troubles. Mephibosheth had not taken care of his hair or his feet; he had not even washed his clothes. He loved David so much that, with David’s life in danger, he (Mephibosheth) felt unable to do these things. While David had so many troubles, Mephibosheth had refused to accept even the most necessary comforts. He was unable to think of anything else except David’s safety. In this state, he desired nothing for himself; his only desire was that David would safely return home.

Next part: Mephibosheth explains why he did not go with David (2 Samuel 19:26-28)


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