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Mephibosheth explains why he did not go with David

2 Samuel 19:26-28

In 2 Samuel 16:1-4, Ziba used his authority as the manager of Mephibosheth’s property to provide for David and the people with him. They had just escaped from Jerusalem and they very much needed this help. Ziba told David that Mephibosheth was not loyal to him. So, David made Ziba the owner of Mephibosheth’s property.

However, Ziba’s report was untrue. Actually, Mephibosheth very much wanted to go with David. Mephibosheth could not walk, but he could ride a donkey (a small, gentle animal like a horse). He ordered Ziba to prepare his donkey for him, but Ziba did not obey. Instead, Ziba left so that he could carry out his secret plan to provide for David.

Mephibosheth was pleased about the use of his property to provide such important help to David. However, it upset Mephibosheth that David had believed Ziba’s false report. That report had given David the false impression that Mephibosheth did not love him.

Mephibosheth did not even want to appeal to David for the return of his property. Mephibosheth said that David had every right to deal with his family as enemies and to punish them with death. Instead, David had given Mephibosheth great honour, so that Mephibosheth even ate with David’s sons at the king’s table. It was an act of great kindness when David gave Saul’s property to Mephibosheth (chapter 9). Mephibosheth received it as a gift – so he could not complain if David had now chosen to give it to someone else. In that way, Mephibosheth insisted that he could claim no right to his property.

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