I wrote these books and courses in order to help you to understand the Bible. They are free of charge; and I would love you to use them in your own private study, or in teaching others.

Throughout, I have used very simple English. My aim has been to explain everything as clearly as possible. I have tried not to argue for my own point-of-view, but rather to show you what the Bible says. That is, I tried to demonstrate what the authors of these books believed and taught.

The Bible claims to be the Word of God. So the person who reads it should do so with respect. Its language is beautiful and inspiring - but so is the language of many other books, both ancient and modern. The Bible deserves special attention because God gave it. That is what Jesus, the apostles, and the prophets believed. And that has been the belief of outstanding men of God in subsequent centuries - from Luther to Wesley to Spurgeon, and countless others in between.

But skimming through the text can only give a superficial knowledge of it. The person who really wants to understand the Bible must study it carefully. That is why I have provided these books. In a clear and direct fashion, I have tried to give you the background knowledge that you need. With these books and courses, you too can investigate the Bible. You will see clearly what it teaches. And you will understand what it claims about God, and his demands on your life.

About the publisher of EasyEnglish books

These books are published by Wycliffe Associates UK - a charity which exists to support the work of Bible Translation missionaries across the World. Wycliffe Associates takes responsibility for preparing and checking these books, and placing them on the Internet.

I am a member of Wycliffe Associates, and have signed up to its statement of faith. All our books go through a careful and detailed checking process; and I have followed the invaluable advice and capable suggestions of several theological checkers in preparing these books.