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How a Christian should speak

Colossians 4:6

Many people’s speech is cruel and nasty, or lazy and foolish. Their choice of words may show no respect to those people with whom they speak. Of course, Christians must not behave like that. They must speak from the attitude of love that God has given to them. Christians should speak with grace, in other words, in a pleasant manner. They are gentle to people who are weak. They give honour to people who are in authority. They speak in a polite manner, even when people are nasty to them. Even when it is necessary to warn someone severely, a Christian speaks in a firm manner, not a cruel manner.

Of course, people who are not Christians may also choose only to speak in a right and proper manner too. However, there is something different about the way that a Christian speaks. It is like the difference that salt makes to the taste of food. Even when the Christian is not speaking about God, his relationship with God still has an effect on his words. There are certain things that he, as a Christian, could never say. There are other things that as a Christian he has a duty to say. His constant desire is not just to obey God’s commands, but to say and do those things that please God. That desire is present in all his conversations: at home, at work and everywhere else. Sometimes other people may recognise him to be a Christian from his words even before he has said anything about his beliefs.

What makes a Christian different is not just a matter of words or beliefs. He has a real hope; a trust in God who will not disappoint him. At any time, someone may ask him to explain his hope. So, the Christian should always be ready to answer wisely (1 Peter 3:15-16).

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