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Love of money

Ecclesiastes 5:10-12

A person who loves money can never get enough money to satisfy his desire. He will always want more money than he actually obtains. That is why the love of money causes people to do all kinds of evil acts (1 Timothy 6:10). In the end, it controls people like a god (Matthew 6:24).

However, a person who desires possessions may be able to obtain those things. But he should not imagine that he will benefit from those possessions. Other people want those things, too. And they will use every effort to obtain those things from him. He loves his wealth, but those other people would love to have it, too.

So the person who loves wealth is never content. And his wealth is never safe. If he sleeps by night, he cannot protect it. But even when he is awake, people are constantly trying to take it from him. He should not imagine that more wealth would give him a better life. In fact, the increase of his wealth only causes him to worry more.

All that personís luxury cannot give him a good nightís sleep. But a poor person can often sleep well, even if he is hungry. He may own nothing, but, by night, he is comfortable. His life is much more pleasant than the life of someone who loves money or possessions.

It is wrong to love money or possessions. We should show our love to God with everything that we have, including our wealth and possessions (Mark 12:28-34). And when we love God, he protects us (Psalm 121).

A good nightís sleep is Godís gift, which no amount of money can provide (Psalm 127:2).

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