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Troubles that nobody can avoid

Ecclesiastes 11:4

A farmer must watch the weather carefully. There is a right time to sow seeds and there is a right time for the harvest (Ecclesiastes 3:2). Bad weather during these important times will ruin the crops.

So Ecclesiastes 11:4 describes a very desperate situation. It says that the weather will never be suitable for these important tasks. The wind and clouds are evidence that a terrible storm is approaching (Ecclesiastes 11:3). When trees fall in a storm (Ecclesiastes 11:3), there is no hope for the crops.

People are worried and desperate. They carry out stupid plans with the hope that something may succeed (Ecclesiastes 11:1-2).

All of this is a word-picture for peopleís lives. They all realise that death is approaching. Many people also know that the judgement of God is approaching (Ecclesiastes 3:17; Ecclesiastes 12:14). But their reaction is not to trust God or to ask him to save them. Instead, they carry out stupid schemes to try to save themselves.

For example, people imagine that they can save themselves by their own good works. But the author of Ecclesiastes declared that our work on this earth achieves nothing (Ecclesiastes 2:22-23). Other people imagine that their money can save them. But at death, a person loses all his money (Ecclesiastes 5:15). And some people imagine that their good attitudes will save them. But this idea is wrong too (Ecclesiastes 7:15-20).

The Bible says that we can only gain a right relationship with God because of Jesus (John 14:6). Because of Jesusí death, God can forgive us, when we trust in him (John 3:14-16). That is the only proper way to prepare for the judgement of God.

And we must begin our relationship with God now (2 Corinthians 6:2). This matter is too important for us to hesitate or to delay. We may make excuses that we do not feel ready. But God has chosen today as the day when we must trust him (Hebrews 4:7).

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