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Why everyone needs wisdom

Ecclesiastes 10:10

An axe is an iron tool that is especially dangerous. Its purpose is to cut down trees or to cut through large pieces of wood. When the wood is very hard, the worker needs great strength to use the axe successfully.

So, of course, the axe must always be very sharp. When the axe becomes blunt, the worker needs even more strength to cut the wood. But the worker should not continue if his axe is blunt. A blunt axe, like a blunt knife, is more dangerous. If the axe slips, injuries are likely to happen.

We all know that a ruler and his advisers should have wisdom. But wisdom is not just for important people. The common workman who uses an axe needs wisdom, too. He must be wise enough to stop his work and to make his axe sharp again. Otherwise, he wastes his strength and he puts himself in danger. He gains no benefit whatever if he is too lazy or too stupid to make his axe sharp.

Very many people learn how to carry out a task, but they never learn to do it well. They are like workmen who use blunt axes. Perhaps they must work too hard because of their lack of wisdom. Perhaps they put themselves in danger. They do not even realise the benefits that wisdom would give to them.

The Bible teaches that wisdom is a wonderful quality (Proverbs 8:1-21). It teaches people how they should live. It shows them how to have a right relationship with God (Proverbs 9:10). It is an essential quality for every person (Matthew 7:24-25).

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