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Christ is more important than the rules

Galatians 3:1-5

We can see that Paul really loved the Christians in Galatia. But he cannot believe what has happened to them! They were never *Jews. God accepted them, so they are Christians. But now they want to live like *Jews. And Christians in Galatia are even asking people to *circumcise them!

Paul had taught them clearly about Jesusí death. God had sent his *Holy Spirit into their lives. God had helped them when they had many troubles. And he was still doing good and powerful things among them.

But those Christians in Galatia wanted to obey rules! They thought that they should do things to make God happy! They wanted to be like the *Jews.

But God is not happy because people obey rules well. God is happy when people believe him. And it is those people that God makes *righteous.

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