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The end of Paul’s letter

Galatians 6:17

Another kind of mark

The teachers in Galatia wanted to *circumcise men. They wanted to put this mark on men’s bodies.

Paul wrote about another kind of mark. Bible teachers have two ideas about this ‘mark’:

(1) Slaves had a mark on their bodies. That mark showed who their master was. Paul sometimes called himself a ‘slave of Christ’. He meant that Christ was his master. Paul obeyed Christ. Christ should be the master of everyone who really is a Christian.

(2) Paul had some other marks on his body. These were the marks that cruel men had made. They had attacked him and they had hit him. They did it because they were angry with him. They did not want him to tell God’s good news to people. The marks that they caused were painful. But Paul was not angry. These marks showed that Paul was Jesus’ servant. Jesus had marks like that, too.

Galatians 6:18

Paul prays for the Christians

Paul has finished his letter to Galatia. So he prays for the Christians there. He usually finishes his letters like this.

Paul asks Jesus Christ to be kind to them. Paul wants them to know that God loves them. Paul wants them to know this in their *spirits, and not only in their minds. And Paul calls them ‘brothers’. They are like his brothers because all Christians are God’s sons and daughters.

The word ‘Amen’ at the end means, ‘This is true.’

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