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God’s good news

Galatians 1:6-10

The word ‘gospel’ means ‘good news’. Paul chose that word to describe the message that God had given to him. And God had not given his message to Paul only. God gives that message to everyone who really is a Christian. He wants all people everywhere to receive his message.

But the Christians in Galatia had heard a different message. That message came from some teachers who were working there. Their ideas did not come from God, so those ideas were not really the gospel. It was a false gospel. It was not even a gospel, because it was not good news.

Still today, some teachers try to confuse people about the gospel. But there is only one gospel. And there is only one Bible. God has not changed his mind. Christians must never teach things to each other that the Bible does not teach. Even an *angel must not come from heaven (God’s home) to speak a different message.

Paul knew that the false teachers would not like his words. But his purpose was not to make anyone happy. He had to tell the Christians only what is true. He was writing on God’s behalf. He was a servant of Christ. So Paul could write nothing else. He had to obey his master, that is, Christ.

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