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Godís promises to Abraham

Galatians 3:15-18

The importance of promises

People make promises too. And those promises can be very important for their family or even their country. Often governments will not let anyone change such an important promise.

God made his promises to Abraham. And nobody could change them. Even God could not change them. God always does the things that he promised.

Godís rules do not change his promises

God gave his rules to Moses. This happened 430 years after God made these promises. So the rules could not change the promises. People did not receive the promises because of the rules.

So God gave his rules, and they were important. But they did not change Godís promises.

Godís promises were really promises to Christ

God gave those promises to Abraham. But they were not only for Abraham. It was very important for Abraham that his family continued. And his family did continue. The *Jews came from his family. And Christ came from the *Jews. So really, God made these promises to Christ.

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