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Godís rules teach us to love

Galatians 5:13-15

Some people think only about themselves

People may say, ĎIf people do not have to obey rules, then they will do many wrong things.í This is correct if people only want to make themselves happy. Those people think only about their lives now. That is, in this world. They are thinking about their bodies and not their *spirits.

But that is not what Christians should do.

Christians should love other people

Christians are free because God made them free. God did that because he loves people (John 3:16). And so Christians should love other people too. Because Christ loved, he became like a servant (Mark 10:45). And because Christians love, they too should be like servants (John 13:14-17). They must not be cruel to each other. But if they let the *Holy Spirit help them, they will love each other.

When Christians love other people, they are obeying Godís rules

And if Christians love each other, then they really are obeying Godís rules. Paul repeats Leviticus 19:18. Jesus also said that this verse is very important (Mark 12:31). Paul explains that this is the purpose of all Godís rules. God did not make rules so that people would have rules to obey! God made the rules so that people would learn to love each other.

So Paul was not teaching anything that was against Godís rules. He was teaching Christians to love other people. That was what God wanted his people to do. God made his rules for that purpose. He made the rules so that people would love him. And if they did that, they would love other people too.

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