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Good things that Christians should do

Galatians 6:9-10

Christians should be patient

God wants Christians to do good things. They will have many troubles in this world. But they should still continue to do those good things. They should not stop. Instead, they must be patient.

They are like the farmer. A farmer must be patient when he plants his seeds. He must wait for the plants to grow. If he waits, he will get good food from his fields.

Christians should do good things

So Christians should do good things. They should be kind and good to everyone. But other Christians belong to Godís family, as they do. So Christians must love each other. They must love the people who, like them, believe God.

Christians do Godís work, by his *Holy Spirit

Christians do not do these good things because of rules. They do these things because Godís *Holy Spirit is in their lives. The *Holy Spirit causes them to have love for other people. The *Holy Spirit shows them how to help those people. The *Holy Spirit helps them to do these things.

This is all Godís work; Christians do it on his behalf. They are Godís servants.

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