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Paul teaches Godís good news

Galatians 1:18-24

Paul tries to visit Peter

Paul also tried to join the church in Jerusalem. This was the most important church at that time. Peter (also called Cephas) and James were the leaders of that church. Paul wanted to visit Peter because Peter knew Jesus well. This seems to be the same visit as in Acts 9:26-30.

So Paul came to Jerusalem. But people could not believe that he really was a Christian. The Christians refused to meet him. In the end, Barnabas helped Paul to meet the church leaders. Barnabas knew what had happened to Paul. So Paul met Peter. But Paul could only remain there for two weeks. People were trying to kill him again. God told him that he must leave Jerusalem immediately (Acts 22:18).

Paul goes to Cilicia and Syria

So Paul went back to Cilicia, where he was born. And he went to Syria. He told people there about Godís good news.

The Christians in Judea and Jerusalem received reports. And they knew that God had really changed Paulís life.

Paul in Antioch

Paul was still teaching Godís good news to *Jews only. Paul does not explain here what happened next. The church in Antioch needed another leader. Barnabas went to Cilicia and he asked Paul to do this job (Acts 11:25-26).

So Paul worked in Antioch. He remained there for one year. Then the *Holy Spirit told the church leaders there to send Paul and Barnabas away.

Paul in Cyprus and Galatia

Paul and Barnabas taught Godís good news in many places. First, they went to Cyprus, where Barnabas had once lived. And then they went to Galatia.

Paul teaches Godís good news to people who are not *Jews

In Galatia, they began to teach Godís good news to people who were not *Jews. Many of them became Christians.

Paul wrote this letter to help those Christians in Galatia. He had taught Godís good news to them. But they were not *Jews. After that, Paul returned to Antioch.

The problems in Galatia

Then other teachers went to Galatia. Those teachers were *Jews, like Paul. But Paul did not agree with all those teachers. Some teachers were telling the Christians that they must obey the *Jewish rules. But Paul had not taught them to obey those rules. And the Christians in Galatia did not know what they should do.

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