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The 7th trumpet

Revelation 11:15

The sound of the 7th trumpet (a loud musical instrument) is one of the most important events in the Book of Revelation. With it, comes the declaration that Christís rule on earth is beginning. Now there can be no more delay in the plans of God (10:6-7). He has chosen Christ, his Son, to rule, and this must now happen (Psalm 2).

Of course, Christ is already ruling in heaven. It is on earth that we wait for his rule to begin. God has been very patient with people and their evil deeds; he has given people many opportunities to trust him (2 Peter 3:8-9). However, now God will act to give complete rule over the world to his Son. The power of every evil force must end. Then Christ will rule on earth, and his perfect government will never end.

A judge issues his judgement before anyone carries it out. So, the inhabitants of heaven declare Christís rule on earth before his rule there begins. However, his rule on earth is certain; so they declare it as if it has already happened.

On earth, however, a series of events will happen first. The devil will make one final, terrible effort to fight against God before Christís rule begins. We shall read about that in chapter 13. Then in chapter 14, God issues the particular judgements that will bring about Christís rule. In chapters 15 and 16, we read about 7 last judgements against the world.

Chapters 17 and 18 are about the defeat of the evil systems that control the world. In chapter 19, Christ defeats his enemies.

Then, in chapter 20, Christís rule on this earth begins. His rule never ends, although the present heaven and earth will end. Chapters 21 and 22 are about his rule over the new heaven and earth.

Next part: Godís kingdom will come on earth, as in heaven (Revelation 11:16)


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