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Godís kingdom will come on earth, as in heaven

Revelation 11:16

At the declaration of Christís rule, the reaction of the 24 rulers in heaven is immediate. They do not wait for the defeat of the evil forces in this world. For them, Godís word is enough: Godís declaration is certain, and no evil force will ever be able to prevent his rule.

So, as they have done on previous occasions (4:9-11; 5:8-10) the 24 rulers praise God. They again choose to praise him in a very humble manner. They leave their thrones (royal seats), which are a sign of their great authority and power. Instead, they lower themselves to the ground as they give honour to God. It is Godís great power that they praise on this occasion. All their power would seem like nothing if they compared themselves to God. So they do not compare themselves to God; instead, they praise him alone for his greatness, his honour and his wise judgements.

Christians pray that Godís will (his plans and purposes) will happen on earth as in heaven (Matthew 6:10). God already answers that prayer in their own lives; as they obey him, Godís rule begins in their lives. However, Godís rule on earth will not be complete until Christ returns to defeat the evil forces in this world.

The 24 leaders of heaven praise God because of the declaration, in verse 15, of his answer to that prayer. They already know how wonderful Godís rule is in heaven. They constantly see his perfect goodness in all that he does. This world and Godís people have suffered much; now, that trouble must end. Godís kingdom (his rule) will come upon earth, and his will (his plans and purposes) will happen upon earth.

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