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Christís promise to the Christians at Pergamum

Revelation 2:17

Christís letter to Pergamumís church ends in the same manner as the rest of the 7 letters in Revelation. First, Christ urges everyone to listen and to obey. He reminds them that this message comes in the power of the Holy Spirit. Then he makes a promise to those people who overcome. These are the people who continue to trust Christ through their troubles. They overcome because of his death for them, and because of their trust in Christ.

The promises in Christís letter to Pergamum seem particularly difficult to understand. However, all the promises in the 7 letters refer to the New Jerusalem (chapters 21 and 22). Therefore, these promises must also refer to the New Jerusalem. Also, as in the other letters, they probably refer to the problems in this particular church. Christ is promising gifts that deal with the problems in each church.

Manna was the bread that God provided for Israelís people in the desert (Exodus 16:11-36). That contrasts well with the meat that people were eating because of their selfish desires in Revelation 2:14. In Matthew 4:4, Christ compares bread with the word of God. It was Godís word that would deal with the problems in Pergamumís church.

In the ancient world, people found many different uses for small stones of various colours. So, there are many possible explanations of the white stone here. In the New Jerusalem, there are names on the precious stones at the base of the city walls (21:14). However, in Revelation 2:17, the word for Ďstoneí means a small stone that a person can carry with him. The description here for the stones also seems very personal. It is a private gift to each person who overcomes. Perhaps, therefore, it is evidence of a personís right to be a citizen of that city.

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