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Christís special guest

Revelation 3:21

In verse 20, Christ was the guest. He went to the home of a person whom Christ considered to be in a desperate state, like someone poor, blind and naked (verse 17). That person invited Christ into his life, and they became friends. That person was completely unable to pay Christ for the wonderful things that Christ offered to him (verse 18). So, as friends, Christ gave him those things freely (22:17).

In the promise in verse 21, Christ is the host at a splendid royal meal. He sits on a throne (royal seat), and his closest friends sit next to him, in a place of honour. It was usual on such occasions for the host to sit on a long, low seat; two special friends would receive the honour to be on either side of him.

We look to see who is the special guest of Christ the King, on this great occasion. It is that same person who once was poor, blind and naked. He is not poor, blind or naked now. Christís gifts have made him rich. He is a citizen of the New Jerusalem, a priest of the living God and a member of Godís royal family. He became Christís friend when, as a poor man, he invited Christ into his life. Now, as Christís friend, he sits with Christ.

Christ explains why he will give such an honour to this person. This person is one of Christís champions; like Christ himself, he overcame. By Christís death, Christ overcame all the power of the devil, evil deeds and death. Similarly, this person overcame the power of the devil, evil deeds and death in his own life. Of course, he did not do that by his own power; he was just a poor weak person who could not save himself. However, he invited Christ into his life; he trusted Christ as his friend, and Christ saved him.

The honour that this person receives is not just for him alone. It is for all who truly trust Christ to save them. They themselves are very weak, but by Christís strength and with his help, they overcome their troubles in this life.

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