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Everyone and everything should praise God

Revelation 19:5

John next heard a voice that came from the throne (royal seat) of God. That is how he describes the voice in Revelation 16:17 also.

Clearly, words from such an important place have great authority. We would normally expect the words from Godís throne to be the words of God himself; and that seems to be the meaning in Revelation 16:17. However, perhaps that is not so here, because the message from the throne mentions Ďour Godí. For that reason, some Bible teachers think that these may be the words of Christ. A throne could mean a long low seat where people sat to talk with the king. That is how Christ sits on the right side of God the Father (Hebrews 1:3).

We may be unsure about the speaker of this important message; however, the message itself is very clear. Everyone and everything should praise God. They should give to God the honour that he alone deserves.

In the Bible, some quite unusual things join to praise God. The list in Psalm 148 includes not just living things (for example, animals, birds and trees), but also the sun, moon and clouds. They praise him by their actions: they do what he created them to do. By that means, they all can give honour to him. Psalm 148 urges all these things, and many others, to join with rulers and people from every nation to praise God. Revelation 5:13 describes how that will happen in the future. Everything that God has created will praise him. Even the spirits in hell will have to give him honour (Philippians 2:9-11).

All the inhabitants of heaven, of course, are already praising God. They praise him constantly. However, on this occasion, they have a very special reason to praise him (see Revelation 19:7).

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