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Godís government

Revelation 19:4

An ancient kingís palace was not just his home, but also the place of his government. Two types of officials had the most important positions in government. There were the guards, who defended the kingís life; and there were the elders (rulers), who advised him. These officials had to remain with the king constantly; often, their homes were in his palace.

God organises his government in heaven in a similar way. Instead of guards, he has the four living creatures, who are special angels (special servants of God). Of course, God needs nobody to defend him, because he has all power. So, the four living creatures praise him for his greatness. They say, ĎHallelujahí, which means ĎPraise Godí.

God does not need anyone to advise him either; he has all wisdom (Job chapters 38-40). However, he still has wise elders who remain constantly with him. They use their wisdom to declare that his judgements are right. They say ĎAmení, which means ĎIt is the truthí. Everything that God does is true, correct and right. They are in complete agreement with him.

Godís government in heaven will not always exist, because heaven itself will not always exist (2 Peter 3:10; Revelation 21:1). Even before that happens, God will establish the rule of his Son, Christ, upon the earth. Then, there will be a different kind of government (20:4). However, even that is not Godís final plan. In the end, God the Father will rule with Christ in the New Jerusalem (1 Corinthians 15:28; Revelation 22:3-5). Then all Godís people will constantly be with God, and they will have royal authority as the children of God (Romans 8:18-21).

Rulers in this world often fight against any change of government or loss of power. However, heavenís rulers have a different attitude (Mark 10:35-44). Revelation 19:1-14 was the last time in the Book of Revelation that John saw events inside heaven. He saw that, even then, heavenís rulers were in complete agreement with Godís plans.

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