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A message from Christ to Godís people

Revelation 22:16

John was the author of the Book of Revelation, but its message came from Christ, not from John. Christ declares in Revelation 22:16 that he sent his angel (special servant) to give Ďyouí this evidence. That word Ďyouí is plural in the original language (Greek). Only John saw the things in the Book of Revelation, but these things were not only for him. All Godís people need to know these things. Godís message is for them all.

The Ďchurchesí in Revelation 22:16 probably meant originally the 7 churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. They were the first readers of the book, and the messages in those chapters were especially for them. Soon they would suffer great troubles. So, they needed to understand that there is a constant battle between good and evil forces in this world. They needed to know about Godís plan to defeat every evil power.

They also needed to know that Christ will come again soon. Of course, that did not happen during their lives or during Johnís life (John 21:23). However, that fact gave them the confidence that their trust in Christ was not without purpose or in vain. They served the same Christ who will in the future rule all things. All Godís people need to know that.

That explains the reference to King David in Revelation 22:16. A tree gets its strength from its roots. So David received his strength and his power to rule from Christ. However, it is necessary for Israelís future ruler to come from Davidís family (2 Samuel 7:16). So, Christ comes from that family (Matthew 1:1).

The morning star is a light that sometimes appears in the sky just before the dawn. Its light shows that the day is beginning, soon. So, Christ is coming, and the darkness in this world must end. Darkness is a frequent word-picture in the Bible for evil things. The day is a word-picture for Godís perfect rule over all things (1 Thessalonians 5:4-8). That day, Godís rule, will never end.

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