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The second trumpet: a burning mountain ruins a third of the sea

Revelation 8:8-9

People cannot escape the judgement of God. When fire burns up a third part of the earth (verse 7), perhaps the people will expect the sea to be safe. Water cannot burn - but the seas will suffer in a terrible judgement.

John saw a huge object, like a mountain. It was burning with a terrible fire. It fell into the sea, as if someone had thrown it there. Its effects upon the sea were like the effects of the terrible storm upon the land in verse 7.

On the land, a third of the ground burnt up. In the sea, a third of the water became blood.

On the land, a third of the trees burnt up. In the sea, a third of all the animals that lived there died.

On the land, people suffered only as a result of the judgement against the land. However in the sea, the judgement was directly against the people, because it destroyed a third of the ships. Many people would have died in those ships.

Perhaps this terrible incident will remind us about what happened to Jonah. He foolishly imagined that he could escape from God. He went on a boat, to go to a distant country. However, God allowed a terrible storm to happen. You can read about that event in Jonah chapter 1.

Jonah returned to God and God saved him. However, at the time of the terrible events in Revelation chapter 8, people will not turn to God (9:20-21). These events will happen during the last few years before Christís return. At that time, the people on earth will become completely evil. No judgement, however severe, will cause them to change their minds. No event, however terrible, will convince them that they should serve God.

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