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All God's people should join together to praise God

Romans 15:9

Romans 1:16 to 15:13 seems to be one continuous sermon or speech. Paul wrote it at a time when he was unable to visit the church in Rome. He probably intended that one of the church leaders there would read it at a church meeting.

Paul wanted to end this long passage in a joyful manner. He has written much in the Book of Romans about the gospel (the good news about Christ). So, Romeís Christians have much to thank God for. God showed them his love in a wonderful way when Christ died for them (5:6-8). When they accepted Christ, God placed his Holy Spirit in their lives, to guide and to help them (8:9-11). God will do even more wonderful things for them in the future: he will adopt them fully as his children (8:18-21).

Paul also wanted to bring together the two groups in the church at Rome. Some of the Christians there were Jews (Israelís people), and some were Gentiles (people from other nations). Godís promises to Israel have not ended (11:25-26); and Godís love for people from the other nations has not ended (11:12-15). Therefore, all Godís people should join together to give God thanks.

So, Paul ends the speech with a series of Bible passages that urge Godís people to praise him. The first of these comes from Davidís song, when he praises God after the defeat of his enemies. It appears both in 2 Samuel 22:50 and Psalm 18:49. God had saved David from his enemies. We might think that David only praised God for the defeat of those nations. However, Paul reminds us that David praised God Ďamong the nationsí. In other words, people from those other nations joined with David to praise God. We can see that from such passages as 2 Samuel 15:18-21.

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