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A brief explanation of each chapter in the Book of Romans

Chapter 1: God's anger is against all people because of their evil deeds; but the good news about Christ is for people everywhere.

Chapter 2: God is the judge of everyone, so we all must accept responsibility for our own evil deeds.

Chapter 3: We are all guilty of evil deeds, so we can only receive a right relationship with God by trust in Christ.

Chapter 4: Like Abraham, we must believe and trust God in order to receive a right relationship with God.

Chapter 5: Since Adam, we have all been guilty people; but Christ died so that God can forgive us.

Chapter 6: Because of Christ's death, God frees his people to do what is right and good.

Chapter 7: When we allow our natural feelings and desires to control our lives, they cause us to do wrong things.

Chapter 8: By his Holy Spirit, God works powerfully in the lives of his people; and he has the most wonderful plans for their future.

Chapter 9: God's promises to Israel's people depend not on their actions, but upon God's kindness.

Chapter 10: Many of Israel's people have not believed Christ; but God will save (rescue) everyone who does that.

Chapter 11: Israel's return to God will be wonderful news for people from every nation.

Chapter 12: God's people should serve God with good and kind acts that please him.

Chapter 13: God's people should be honourable and responsible people who respect their country's rulers.

Chapter 14: When Christians disagree, they should deal with each other in a kind and loving manner.

Chapter 15: God is working in the lives of people from every nation, and not just Israel's people.

Chapter 16: Be friendly to those Christian leaders who do God's work; but be careful about leaders who try to separate Christians for their own benefit.

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